sunday school for adults

We have a Sunday School class for all men and women in any season of life.  Find your class below and join us on Sunday.

  • marriage and parenting

    This class is for young to middle aged married couples and/or parents that have young children. We are studying from the newest LifeWay Curriculum "Bible Studies For Life". Class discussions revolve around how God's Word speaks truth in every circumstance of life. God created us into His image and we as Christ followers must live our lives sharing His love to our spouses, children, and parents so they can see and know God's love. We meet on the third floor middle room and we welcome visitors and new families to join us.

    Co-Ed:  Ages 25-35

  • disciple makers

    We meet in room 203 of the Education Building

    Co-Ed: All Ages

  • christian choices

    Every day, we are challenged to make the right choice: in our behavior, in our words, even in our emotions. Each week in this class, we will address a specific challenge that may come before us and work to understand the intentional choices we should make as Christians. Based on Lifeway study guides, this class uses a group discussion format to explore not just the meaning of God’s Word, but also to understand how we can apply it in our daily walk.

    Co-Ed: Ages 40-50

  • new covenant

    Old Sanctuary

    Co-Ed: Ages 50+


    Our primary purpose is to evangelize the lost and disciple believers through our lessons. We follow the Lifeway Explore the Bible curriculum. Since we are commanded to bear one another's' burdens, we also share the needs of class members, their families, and friends so that we can more effectively pray for and minister to needs in our group and broader community.

    Women: Ages 50+

  • dorcas

    We follow the Lifeway curriculum and enjoy open discussion. We pray for our members and issues/challenges facing our church family, and we discuss any outreach projects we can become involved in. We focus on building relationships within our group through various social events held during the year.

    Women: 65+

  • philathea

    Bible Study using "Life Ventures" curriculum by Lifeway. Lecture and Discussion.

    Women: Ages 70+

  • women of faith

    We are a group of women in all stages of life: single, married, widowed, divorced, with or without children, seeking to learn and grow from biblical teaching. We are currently using LifeWay's Masterwork curriculum to study the Bible and its application to our lives. Masterwork is a series which utilizes biblically based messages from renowned Christian authors.

    Women: All Ages

  • men's fellowship

    If we follow His directions, stay under His protection, live in the HOPE that is Jesus Christ; where we find peace and purpose…all resound with the contentment found ONLY in being a Christ follower. Come on! Join us!

    Men: 40+

  • Young adults

    Join us in the Young Adult Sunday school class!  As we dig deep through the Scriptures, we are searching for what the Bible says about living God's way in a broken and sinful world.  

    Co-ed - Ages 18-30