Preschool tuition and fees

  • Current Students Lottery—January 19, 2018—Registration forms and fees due 1/18/18 by 12:00 pm
  • Siblings of Current Students Lottery—January 19, 2018 after current students
  • Church Members and Siblings of Alumni Lottery—January 24, 2018—Registration forms and fee due 1/24/18 by 12:00 pm
  • General Public Lottery—January 25, 2018— Registration forms due 1/24/18 by 12:00 pm

class days enrollment tuition

MMO M 6 $85 / Month
2 Years TTh 8 $165 / Month
2 Years WF 8 $165 / Month
3 Years MWF 12 $210 / Month
3 Years TTh *Two Classes* 20 $165 / Month
4 Years MWF 14 $210 / Month
4 Years MTWTh *Two Classes* 28 $255 / Month

Class Times

  • 2’s, 3’s and 4’s program—9:00 am—12:00 pm (Noon)
  • Mother’s Morning out—9:00—11:30 am (This program does not follow the Creative Curriculum and is primarily organized play.)

payment information and deadlines

Registration fees for the school year will be $100 per child.

The registration fee will be due at the time of enrollment and is non-refundable for any reason.

The first tuition payment is due by June 1, 2018.

* This tuition payment is nonrefundable if you withdraw your child from GHP for any reason other

than illness, in which a note from the child's physician would need to be submitted to the GHP Director.

Tuition fees are paid one month in advance for the entire school year.

The next payment is due September 1 and so on.

Any funds received after the 10th are considered late and subject to a $25 late fee.

Any checks returned for insufficient funds will be subject to a $25 additional charge.

Checks made payable to Good Hope Preschool (GHP) may be mailed to: 

Good Hope Baptist Church Preschool
Attn: Jetana McKinley
6628 Good Hope Church Road
Cary, NC 27519

We will not be able to hold spots for children unless the first tuition payment is made by June 1st.

Please call the Preschool Office with any further questions at 919-467-8678.