Associate Pastor Of Children’s Ministry



SUPERVISOR:  Senior Pastor

REPORTS TO: Senior Pastor and Elders

WAGE/HOUR STATUS: Full time / Salary

Primary Purpose: Work closely with the entire staff in areas related to the Children’s Ministry with a primary focus on Sunday morning and Wednesday evening discipleship.  Additional focus will be in the areas of the weekday Pre School, Vacation Bible School, summer camp, and ministry childcare needs.

Qualifications:  Batchelor’s Degree and/or a proven history of serving as part of a multi-staff church Children’s Ministry.

Special Knowledge/Skills:

  • Experience in areas involving ministry to children, families, and outreach as a part of a multi-staff church.
  • Ability to meet people where they are at and to assess needs related to the Gospel.
  • Excellent administrative, communication and presentation skills, both verbal and written.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel, and Power Point.
  • Effective organization and interpersonal skills. 

Experience:  Minimum of two years of Children’s Ministry experience; volunteer and/or paid.


  • Oversee the Sunday morning and Wednesday evening discipleship of children:  

Examples and areas of support include, but are not limited to:

  • Prayerfully assess the needs of the overall ministry and implement in coordination with entire staff.
  • Recruiting/inviting volunteers to serve throughout the ministry.
  • Facilitate opportunities for discipleship through individual volunteer teaching/leading, and age specific curriculum with opportunities for parental involvement. 
  • Ministry budget submission and approved budget management.
  • Planning in advance, meeting with leaders, soliciting staff input, and becoming aware of new Children’s Ministry activities available to help children grow into committed followers of Christ.
  • Keep the staff, pastors, and congregation updated on ministry activities and opportunities.
  • Coordinate with outside agencies as needed to facilitate ministry activity.
  • Initiate background checks on all volunteers.
  • Oversee the Weekday Preschool:
  • Work with the Pre-School Director for effective coordination and operation in accordance with preschool / daycare licensing requirements, State Department of Education, and Child Development Program standards.
  • Provide weekly updates to the staff for an effective team-work approach.
  • Ensure accurate records are maintained to include allergies, special needs, and financial information is provided to the church financial secretary.
  • Develop strategies for numerical growth of both children and teachers.
  • Provide pastoral support regularly by speaking in chapel, being available for counsel, and being available on occasion to meet parents/guardians.
  • Oversee the yearly Vacation Bible School (VBS):
    • Prayerfully consider the VBS theme for a given year.
    • Begin planning months in advance by involving a VBS team for ministry launch.
    • Promote VBS within the church and community.
  • Oversee the yearly summer camp:
    • Prayerfully consider the best camp based on opportunity, availability, location, and cost.
    • Assemble a team of volunteer leaders to helps shepherd the children while at camp.
    • Consider transportation costs and acquire as needed.
    • Promote well in advance for maximum participation.
    • Provide opportunities for fund raisers to help offset the individual costs to attend camp.
  • Childcare needs:
    • Determine which ministry activities can best be served by available childcare and ensure its promotion.
  • Assist in and support the numerical and spiritual growth of the church.

Supervisory Responsibilities:  Pre-School Director, paid nursery workers and ministry volunteers.

Equipment Used: Copier, personal computer, projector, printer, sound system, and cellphone.

Working Conditions: Mental Demand/Physical Demands/Environmental Factors:

  • Maintain emotional control under stress. 
  • Work with frequent interruptions.
  • Maintain flexibility in work assignments.
  • Ability to set up/take down and store tables and chairs as well as lift and relocate ministry related items up to 30lbs.
  • Ability to personally integrate drama, acting, role play, etc. when needed to support the teaching and student retention of biblical lessons.
  • Prolonged use of computer.

To apply, please send a cover letter, resume and (if available) any audio or video samples of your sermons, leading of special events or any other type of recording that will let us see your ministry in action to