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Grace Notes Children’s & Youth Choir
Calling all 1st – 8th grade kids who love to sing and worship through music! GraceNotes Children Choir includes music theory, sign language, musical instruments and movement. Children should bring a lunch to eat after the Sunday service. (Parents will be responsible for children between service time, during lunch and until practice starts each Sunday.

Why teach children to sing?

  • Singing and music help children worship God and learn about Him.
  • Singing is a lifelong musical activity at home, at school, at play, and at church.
  • Singing is a way of telling others about Jesus.
  • Singing helps children participate in and lead in worship.
  • Singing helps express our feelings.
  • The Bible tells us to sing. (Ephesians 5:19-20; Psalm 33:1; Psalm 68:4; Deuteronomy 31:19)