Share Jesus Without Fear
Adults Ages 18+
Teachers: Allen McClure
Schedule: 6:45pm Wednesdays
Room: Fellowship Hall (Downstairs In The Heritage Building)

Discover the Joy of Sharing Your Faith with Confidence

Do you ever find yourself holding back from sharing your faith because you worry about finding the right words? You’re not alone! We understand that opening up about your beliefs can be intimidating. But guess what? It doesn’t have to be!

Whether you’re new to sharing your faith or have been doing it for years, we invite you to join us for an inspiring journey that will empower you to speak with humble confidence. Together, we’ll explore a simple three-step strategy that makes sharing the message of God’s love easier than you ever thought possible.

🔍 Step 1: The Approach 🔍
Learn how to discern the spiritual condition of the person you’re speaking to. You’ll gain valuable insights that will help guide your conversation and create a meaningful connection.

📖 Step 2: The Bible 📖
Discover the power of using key verses from the Bible to communicate the profound truths of faith. You’ll invite others to read and reflect, fostering deeper understanding and connection.

🤝 Step 3: The Close 🤝
Master the art of summarizing key verses and gently guiding the conversation towards a decision. You’ll be amazed at how natural and impactful this approach can be!

Don’t let fear hold you back any longer. Come join us as we embark on this empowering journey of faith-sharing. Together, we’ll build a foundation of confidence and compassion that can touch the lives of those who are seeking a deeper connection with God.