Straight Outta Bethlehem

A Christmas Story-Inspired Musical for Kids.  Presented by the our Grace Notes Children’s Choir
Created by: Christy Semsen • Arranged by Daniel Semsen
Length: 40 minutes

REGISTRATIONS ARE STILL OPEN! Your child can still sign up to be a part of the musical this Christmas.  Just click the “Register My Child Button” to enroll.

Presentation Times: Friday, 12/15 6:30pm; Saturday, 12/16 6:30 PM; and Sunday, 12/17 10:30 AM.
Friday and Saturday Evening Presentations: Desserts and seasonal drinks provided for our Friday and Saturday evening performances. Round table dinner theater-type set-up. Please reserve your seats now for those two evenings. Invite your family, friends and neighbors to enjoy the evening with you. Optional donations that evening are appreciated to help cover the cost of food. Childcare provided ages 0-3 for evening services.

Sunday AM Presentation: Seating for the Sunday AM service will be our typical row layout; desserts will not be served for this service.

Musical Theme

God is with us and we don’t have to be alone! All of us can be adopted into God’s family. Straight Outta Bethlehem adds a new twist to the timeless Christmas story as told by eyewitnesses the night the Baby King arrived in Bethlehem! This musical offers a heartwarming story with life lessons kids can take with them


Here we are in the “sleepy” little village of Bethlehem. But in this tiny town something huge and miraculous is about to happen…the birth of the Messiah! Right in the midst of all the action is an irresistibly intrepid and indefatigable group of orphans who reside at the Inn of Bethlehem. Meet Starr, Zoolie, John Luke, Gertie, Magnus, and Blake (oh, and shepherds Zeke and Ziggy!). Along with Trixie, who runs the inn, this loveable ragamuffin group of characters will put a smile on your lips and a song in your heart as they unveil the story of Christmas and how God sent His only Son to be born, STRAIGHT OUTTA BETHLEHEM. As eyewitnesses to the holy, blessed event, their special re-telling of the story is sure to shine a bright new light on the importance of our Savior’s birth!