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Sunbeam’s Children’s Choir

Good Hope’s Sunbeams Choir includes children ages 3-5 in our Preschool and Kindergarten level classes. Foundational Christian songs and basic music concepts are introduced by the Sunbeams choir director to all the children in the PreK/K classes during a portion of the children’s regular Sunday worship time. The Sunbeams participate periodically in adult worship time and in children’s musicals. Special practices may be held on rare occasions for such special services if needed.

Why teach children to sing?

  • Singing and music help children worship God and learn about Him.
  • Singing is a lifelong musical activity at home, at school, at play, and at church.
  • Singing is a way of telling others about Jesus.
  • Singing helps children participate in and lead in worship.
  • Singing helps express our feelings.
  • The Bible tells us to sing. (Ephesians 5:19-20; Psalm 33:1; Psalm 68:4; Deuteronomy 31:19)