Senior Pastor Position

This is an exciting time at Good Hope Baptist Church in Cary, NC! We live in a unique corner of the world that serves as a melting pot for all races, nationalities, and customs. As the church-body of Jesus Christ, it is our goal to reach the unchurched, to expand beyond the cultural comforts and physical bounds of our campus, and to lead souls to Christ. We are looking for a Senior Pastor who shares our passion – a man who exemplifies the heart of a shepherd and the humility of a servant. We desire a Senior Pastor who is eager, excited and purpose-driven in his efforts to grow God’s Kingdom through the God-given resources available at Good Hope.

Interested applicants should review the full job description by clicking on the button then fill out the form below.  Applications will only be accepted / considered if they are submitted by way of this form.  Please do not email, fax, mail, call, hand deliver or otherwise present your resume in any way other than using this form.