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We’re Hiring! Director of Media & Communications (DMC)

JOB TYPE: Full Time (40 hours weekly, flexible workdays)


The DMC serves as the Audio/Visual Technical consultant and is responsible for all media/sound technical support for the church campus.  The DMC also manages all communications for the church which includes branding, messaging, promotion, social media content and maintenance of the church website.  The DMC is the chairperson for the Communications Team and works in collaboration with the staff and ministry leaders.  The DMC reports to the Senior Pastor.


  • Must agree with the vision and values of Good Hope Baptist Church. 
  • Prefer a bachelor’s degree in communication, media or related field and a minimum of two (2) years experience or equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Attend staff meetings to remain aware of church activities and offer graphical/communication recommendations.


  • Strong administrative and communication skills.
  • Visionary mindset in proposing strategy for growth in a church environment. 
  • Follower of Christ with the ability to discuss that in a church staff setting.


  • Audio/Visual & Event Production
    • Upgrade and maintenance of all audio/visual equipment
    • Inventory management of audio/visual equipment
    • Train church volunteers to assist with assigned roles in A/V and the Communication Team
    • Posts sermons/live stream of worship services within 24 hours of Sunday AM or other weekly recorded services.
    • Promptly updates website with music and worship related items.
  • Video Production
    • Responsible for the church’s video production. Will work in collaboration with Pastors, Worship Leader and Communications Team on final products/videos as needed.
  • Media and Communication Budget
    • Responsible for submitting the annual Media and Communications budget to the Finance Team.
    • Administer and approve all media and communications related purchases in the approved media and communications budget.
    • Work collaboratively with the Pastors, Worship Leader, Communications Team members and Ministry Team leaders to prioritize budget proposals for the AV/Communications budgets.
  • Branding
    • Design and govern standards/guidelines for the church logo, church color palette and any visual media used to promote any function of the church.
    • Responsible for graphic design, photographs, and video for any visual or audible messaging for the church internally and externally.
  • Messaging
    • Approve, gather, create and/or review any promotional messaging for church-wide usage.
  • Promotion
    • Research, design, create, manage, and approve all advertising and promotional materials and messaging both internal and external and for all areas of the church. 
  • Social Media
    • Maintain social media accounts and online profiles of the church.
    • Advertise, post, re-share, create photo galleries, and install social media applications.
    • Administrator for church social media user account.
  • Website
    • Governance over content, coding, application, integration, advertising, and user access.
    • Create, maintain, update, repair, and manage the coding of Good Hope Church website.
  • Church App
    • Keep church app updated so its information matches what is shown on the church website as practical.
    • Offer suggestions on how to expand the use of the church app within its membership.