how it works

This year at Good Hope we are reimagining our Easter Celebration. This year, you will have the opportunity to take an easter hunt into your own community and use that egg hunt to share the gospel with your neighbors.


You can participate in an egg hunt in one of three ways.



    1. Host an egg hunt. If you are interested in hosting an egg hunt, you can host one in your community! We will provide you with an egg kit that has everything you need to host the event. We will also provide training for you on March 14.


    1. Donate items for egg kits. If you can’t host an egg hunt, you can help us get materials for the egg kits that will be sent into the communities. You can donate: 25 Candy-filled eggs and $10 to help purchase gospel sharing materials.


  1. Pray! You can joints in prayer for the hosts, the communities, and the day of egg hunts around our area!

want to be involved?

If you would like to host a hunt, get more information, or find out how you can help, fill out the form below.

Ways to help

If you can’t host, there are more ways to help! You can help by helping us get supplies for the Egg Hunt Kits!


We Need:

– Candy-Filled Eggs

– $10 for Gospel Sharing Materials