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Library Book Review

2 books from Jenny L. Cote:
The Dreamer, the Schemer & the Robe
The Ark, the Reed & the Fire Cloud

Have you ever thought about how the animals around the world got to the ark?  Have you ever wondered how each animal, from all over the earth, survived on the ark?  Jenny Cote, the author of these two books, has an interesting way of sharing the life of Max and Liz (a dog and a cat) as they travel to follow the Fire Cloud which will take them to the ark!  In the second book, Max and Liz and several of their friends that they met in the first book, share their lives with Joseph, his family, Potiphar, and the Pharoah as the life of Joseph is shared!
Both of these books can be found in the church library in the Juvenile Fiction section.