Year In The Bible Reading Plan is based on the F260 Reading Plan from Replicate Ministries. Foundations 260 (F260) is designed to take us through 260 passages of scripture during the next year. Reading five passages a week along with memory verses for each week. Each week the messages will be based on the reading plan, you will have already been reading these passages throughout the week and then hearing a message based on one passage from that week’s reading! We invite you to study, read, and grow with us as we walk through this plan with each other this year. This plan is not just to read the passage, close the Bible and be done. Meditate on what you read, and hear what God is telling you through these passages. You do this by using the H.E.A.R. Method. This is a method that is outlined in the plan and will act as a guide to you when meditating on scripture daily.