Results Expected

A support group ministry using the Biblically based DivorceCare program designed and developed by Steve Grissom (founder & President of Church Initiative), along with his wife, Cheryl. During the 13-week sessions, individuals deeply hurt by separation and divorce will not only hear concepts and practical advice to find help, experience healing, and to develop hope for their future, but will also find that they have made precious friendships with others who understand how they feel. Throughout their time together, the importance of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ will be talked about as the foundation of healing and the only means to fully heal from divorce.

Accountable to: Senior Pastor, Elders, Church.

Facilitator Qualifications

● Must have made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior
● Must support the Bible as the inerrant Word of God
● Must have been divorced
● Must have gone through a 13-week session of DivorceCare at Good Hope or another church
● Must be able to attend at least 10 of the 13 sessions per facilitator commitment

Team Roles and Responsibilities

Facilitate weekly session meetings for 13-weeks at a time with individuals experiencing separation or divorce in the community.
1) Attend a meeting with the DivorceCare team for a time of prayer and training before the 13-week session begins.
2) Arrive to each meeting 15 minutes early to set up and greet group members.
3) Pray with the group during meetings.
4) Ask questions to facilitate discussions on the weekly topics.
5) Gently redirect group members who may take the conversation off-topic.
6) Be faithful in attendance and involvement in various ministries and aspects of church life.

Responsibilities of the Chairperson

1) Works with the team to schedule each 13-week session.
2) Secures the materials needed and arrange for snacks and drinks for each meeting.
3) Works with the communications team and the DivorceCare website to advertise the group.
4) Prepares and submits a budget to the Finance Team each fall in consultation with appropriate staff.