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Reclaim Student Ministries (RSM) exists to guide students to reclaim their God-Given image while becoming motivated disciples as they reflect the heart of Christ. RSM does this through bible studies, small groups, hang times, and other activities throughout the year for middle school and high school students. Everything that is done, points back to Christ and to help students reclaim their image which is modeled in and through our Creator. Reclaim can be explained using these three scriptures: Genesis 1:27, Acts 2:38, Proverbs 27:19, and Matthew 22:37-39.

Students will find an environment of love, affirmation, and acceptance. They will feel a part of something beyond themselves. Their spiritual growth will be encouraged and supported by a core group of adult volunteers who assist in their development of a personal walk with Christ. This is accomplished through a deeper analysis of the scriptures, building relationships through prayer, sharing, and accountability, and through discipleship which focuses on how to be active in their walk with God. Throughout the year RSM provides opportunities for outreach and missions to include those in the church, in the community, and in the world so we can share the joy and hope we find in Christ.

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