Home Builders
20s-40s But Open To All+
Teachers: Scott Adams
Schedule: 9:00am Sundays
Room: G111

Home Builders is a Sunday morning small group that is geared toward individuals and couples with or without children in their 20’s – 40’s who are in that young family stage of life. But this small group bible study is open to anyone and everyone. YOU are welcome to join us no matter what your age!

Home Builders offers an expositional line-by-line study through scripture as we seek to know God by carefully studying what he has revealed to us about himself in his written word. Just as religion without a relationship is empty of what our souls need. So too is a house without community something far less than the spiritual home we all desire to find in community with other believers. Won’t you join us as we seek to build a home of faith in the person of Jesus Christ that is strengthened by community with other believers who are at a similar place in life?

Psalm 127:1 “Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain.”

We encourage you to arrive around 9am, enjoy a coffee and share a few minutes of fellowship before we begin our prayers and study around 9:10am.