Reclaim Bible Study

Students Grades 6th-12th
Teachers: Roger Moss
Curriculum: Explore The Bible for Students
Schedule: 9am Sundays
Room: Student Mezzanine

Welcome to the Reclaim Bible Study for Teens, a unique program designed specifically for teenage students at Good Hope Baptist Church in Cary. Our Sunday morning Bible study offers a safe and supportive environment where teens can engage in honest and transparent conversations around the Bible.

Through our curriculum “Explore The Bible for Students”, we take a book-by-book approach to studying the Bible at a pace and learning style that meets each student’s unique stage of life. We understand that the Bible can be a challenging and complex text to navigate, especially for teens who are still trying to figure out who they are and what they believe.

Pop culture may say that the Bible is too dated, weird, or even offensive. But at Reclaim, we believe that studying God’s Word in context can help students see the truth and beauty in all Scripture. When the truth takes hold of a student’s heart, it teaches them to speak that truth to the world around them.

Our Bible study is led by experienced and compassionate leaders who are passionate about helping teens grow in their faith and understanding of the Bible. We encourage open and honest discussion around the topics and questions that matter most to our students.

At Reclaim, we believe that studying the Bible is about more than just learning the facts – it’s about building a deeper relationship with God and discovering how His word speaks into our lives today. Whether you are a lifelong Christian or new to the faith, our Sunday morning Bible study is the perfect place to explore God’s Word in a supportive and encouraging community.

Join us for our weekly Sunday meetings and experience the power of God’s Word in your life as part of the Reclaim Student Ministry at Good Hope Baptist Church in Cary.