Young Adult Bible Study & Supper


On Wednesdays, young adults gather at the Adams’ home for a homemade meal starting at 6pm (or you can come whenever you can get there). Most of the time the food including delicious desserts is prepared by a group of experienced cooks at the church and delivered to the Adams’ home (which is just around the corner from the church). Occasionally Luanne (Adams) will cook some seasonal dishes, or we will order pizza. Either way, you can know that you will not leave hungry.

Bible study starts at 7pm. We gather in the Adams’ home den and spread out as needed so we are within sight and earshot. Sometimes we meet in the garage, or the barn, or around a campfire in the backyard. Scott (Adams) teaches verse-by-verse through various books in the Bible. Occasionally young adult members of the group will teach as Scott has mentored them and helped them prepare. We are encouraged to apply the scriptures to our lives as we strive to live out our faith in our homes and workplaces. We are also challenged to share our faith with others. Our weekly gathering time includes time for prayer as well–praying for missionaries throughout the world as well as sharing prayer requests and praises amongst group members.

We typically are finished with our Bible study and prayer time by around 8:15pm, but we often hang around to socialize for a while afterward.

If you are a young adult and have children, you can take your children to the children’s ministry programs at church during the study time since the church is nearly next door to the Adams’ home.