Phillips Farms Outreach


April 22, May 6, June 3, June 10, June 24

How To Get Involved

Good Hope Baptist Church has an unprecedented chance to minister to the community around us in a fun environment. This is a low-cost, easily accessible opportunity for all to impact God’s kingdom greatly. Did we mention it is in a fun environment?

You can get involved in a couple of ways. We need at least 25 cakes or desserts for each of these events. Our booth at Phillips Farms will be called Heavenly Delights. There is a need for six people to work the booth in two-hour increments. There will be people collecting money for desserts, people serving the cake, and at least one energetic, personable, and relatable adult to talk to people in line.

Training will be offered for those who sign up to work at the booth. If you are interested in making desserts and/or working the booth, click the buttons on this page to sign up. You will not regret volunteering for this!

Guidelines For Desserts

ALL desserts must be homemade. NO store-bought desserts. You may make any dessert EXCEPT for Ice Cream. Do NOT make ice cream. All other desserts are permitted. If you make brownies or cookies please make a minimum of 100. If you make a pie or cake for May 5, please make it strawberry in nature because there is a strawberry theme that day.

Desserts must be dropped off at church on Friday at 6:00 pm, the day before the event. We will contact you with a reminder and more directions in the week leading up to the event.