Russian Ministry Translation Available

Church Family,

We wanted to update you with some exciting news. We have taken big step towards making our worship experience accessible to more of our community where English is not their first language. We have, every Sunday, a Translation Ministry for our Russian-speaking brothers and sisters!

Through Pavel Kim, our International Russian-Speaking Ministry Leader, we are offering real-time translation during our services. So, if you see someone wearing earbuds during worship, know that they are immersing themselves in the message despite the language barrier. We're incredibly grateful for Pavel's commitment and passion for this ministry. He's a true blessing to our church family, making sure that everyone can fully engage in our worship services.

If you or someone you know would benefit from this translation service, reach out to Pavel or our church office. Let's make sure nobody misses out on the power of God's Word due to language limitations.

As always, we extend a warm welcome to our Russian-speaking brothers and sisters. As we break down language barriers, we're building a stronger, more united church family. Keep this initiative in your prayers, and let's embrace the beauty of diversity as we celebrate God's love.


Pastor Allen