Results Expected

To ensure the provision of appropriate, well-maintained facilities, equipment, and materials necessary for baptism; to assist the candidates in preparing for their baptism the day of; and to assist the pastor in administering the ordinance.

Accountable to: Senior Pastor, Elders, Church.

Team Roles and Responsibilities

1) Church secretary shall notify entire baptism team the week before scheduled baptism with who is getting baptized along with their tee shirt size so team can plan accordingly. (See Baptism Shirt Manager, i.e. BSM for Raised Up shirts).
2) See that all necessary baptismal equipment and facilities are available and in order prior to each baptismal service.
3) Must have flexibility to commit 2.5 hours to fill pool one day prior to baptism.
4) Meet with the pastor and candidate(s) for a time of instructions and prayer before the baptism.
5) Meet with the person(s) to be baptized at the appointed time, and show them to their dressing rooms. Answer questions that may arise and see that each candidate has a t-shirt and towel.
6) Assist each person into and out of the pool and to the dressing room.
7) Appoint one member of the committee to assist the pastor before and after the baptismal service to assure a minimum of time for dressing.
8) Arrange for baptismal garments, towels, and other supplies to be prepared for the next service.
9) Cooperate with the pastor in evaluating the baptismal service, and suggest ways the service could be improved.
10) Be faithful in attendance and involvement in all ministries and aspects of church life.
11) Use pallet jack to set up pool.
12) Clean inside & out with non-abrasive cleaning solution (located inside staircase).
13) Hook up water hose from kitchen pantry & run through serving window.
14) Water temperature on Sunday morning should be 92 – 96 degrees (96 – 100 degrees on Saturday). Use water thermometer inside staircase.
15) Water level should be one hand length from the top of pool. Approximately 6-7 inches.
16) Two chairs shall be set up inside the maintenance room for the baptizing Pastor along with two towels & a floor mat.
17) Chair should be placed in pantry if only one person being baptized or if family members want they can dress together in kitchen. Door windows may have to be blocked with black construction paper if kitchen is used. Extra chairs can be used if needed from behind stage on opposite side of FLC.
18) Red carpet shall be used.
19) Extra towels are needed for clean up immediately after baptism.
20) Circular black foam is to be placed on top of pool to keep water warm overnight along with blue tarp.
21) Sump pump & hose must be put together & run out back door to drain.
22) Use of a white bucket located in the kitchen for wet towels & sump pump.
23) A member of the team volunteers to take towels home to wash. May use blue laundry basket for transporting towels.
24) Be sure everything is clean & wiped down & all clean, unused towels are put into gray containers & stored away properly behind stage.
25) Discuss a way to support or interact with families of people being baptized.

Responsibilities of the Chairperson

1) Works with the team to schedule the filling of the pool prior to the Sunday service and the clean-up of the pool after the service.
2) Works with the church secretary on the candidates that will be baptized to get correct size of shirts, timing of arrival, etc.
3) Prepares budget recommendations, in consultation with the appropriate staff, and submits to the Finance Committee.