Are you passionate about marketing and communications? Do you want to help spread the word about Good Hope Baptist Church's events and ministries? If so, then we need you on our Communications Team! As a member of this team, you'll be responsible for all marketing, branding, and promotion efforts for the church. This includes creating eye-catching designs, coordinating effective advertising campaigns, and crafting engaging social media and website content. With your skills and dedication, you'll help our church connect with our community and expand our outreach. So come join our team and make a difference in the lives of others!

Results Expected

Communications is responsible for any and all marketing, branding, event and ministry promotion efforts of the church. This includes design, printing, advertising, social media and website content but it does not include technology support that is related to computers or servers.
Accountable to: Senior Pastor, Elders, Church.

Team Roles and Responsibilities

The team members include the Director of Media and Communication (which is a paid staff person), worship leader (paid staff person), church administrative assistant (paid staff person) and volunteers.
1) Branding.
a. Creating standards and guidelines for the church logo, church colors palette and any visual media used to promote any function of the church.
b. Media including graphic design, photographs and video content pertaining to messaging internally and externally.
2) Messaging.
a. Creation and usage of the written word as it pertains to promotion and advertising.
b. Includes tag lines, promoting events, activities and church as a whole.
c. Goal is clarity, accuracy and consistency.
d. Helps with ministry leaders on any assistance with an event at least 60 days prior to any ministry activity.
3) Promotion.
a. Process of increasing engagement, attendance or awareness of any event, ministry or the church as a whole by means of marketing, advertising, public relations and outreach to the community.
b. Responsible for the creation of slides, event graphics, flyers, newsletters, church emails, printed materials and signage.
4) Social Media.
a. Electronic communication through which individuals use or create public or private online communities to share information, ideas and a message or other content.
5) Website.
a. Maintains and updates content weekly. Making sure all information is correct with the help of the team.

Responsibilities of the Director of Media and Communication (paid staff)

1) Establishes and maintains brand guidelines and ensures that all staff and volunteers use the logo and all brand materials within guidelines.
2) Approves, gathers, creates and/or reviews any promotional messaging for any ministry, event or the church as a whole.
3) Researches, designs, creates, manages and approves all advertising and promotional materials and messaging both internal and external and for all ministries, events or the church as a whole.
4) Will be responsible for all messages or media of any kind that are shared or otherwise made public on any social media platform on behalf of the church.
5) Creates, maintains, updates, repairs and manages the website.