Results Expected

We want to creatively glorify God in the way we decorate at Good Hope Baptist Church. It is helpful to have a male volunteer because of where the decorations are stored.

Accountable to: Senior Pastor, Elders, Church.

Team Roles and Responsibilities

The Decorating Team will consist of 4 members to be elected yearly with a chairperson who directs. This ministry group will plan for and implement the decoration of the interior and exterior of the church building.

To achieve its purpose, the Decorating Team will:
1) Create a beautiful, worshipful environment in our sanctuary without it being distracting to worship.
2) Make decisions regarding the interior and exterior décor of the church property.
3) Create or purchase wreaths, floral arrangements and buy decorative materials as needed.
4) Change wreaths, floral arrangements and other decorative items by seasons and for special occasions.
5) Maintain and organize the storage area as needed. Remove and store all decorative items immediately after their use.
6) Will remove and discard all worn and outdated wreaths, Christmas trees and arrangements as necessary.
7) We welcome and often need the help of others outside the Decorating Team.

Focus Areas

1) Main entrance doorways leading into church areas that are used for fellowship.
2) Lobby and Foyer areas in the FLC, Chapel and Connector building, to create a welcoming atmosphere.
3) Pulpit and choir area, once again to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Transitions of Seasonal change

1) End of March/April decorate for Easter. Drape Purple Cloth over the cross for Palm Sunday. Drape white cloth over the cross for Easter Sunday.
2) Summer – two weeks after summer begins, change to summer flower arrangements.
3) Fall – October 1st. decorate for Fall. Hang wreaths and place Fall arrangements out. Weekend after Thanksgiving, put out Advent wreath on table on stage in FLC. See decorating guide for correct placement.
4) Christmas – decorate after Thanksgiving week. Hang wreaths, set up all Christmas trees and place all Christmas arrangements out. See decorating guide for correct placement.

Future Plans

* Get the children involved, possibly making ornaments for a Chrismas tree, coordinating this with Pastor Andrew.
• Consider having Banners made for the different seasons and/or special occasions.

Responsibilities of the Chairperson

1) Purchases new wreaths, trees and arrangements, etc.
2) Coordinates the timing of transitioning for one season to another season.
3) Contacts the church administrative assistant for setting up a date to decorate without hindering any church activities.
4) Prepares budget recommendations, in consultation with the appropriate staff, and submit to the Finance Committee.
5) Works with Facility Manager as needed.