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Results Expected

Ensure that all guests are welcomed and engaged as they exit services.

Accountable to: Senior Pastor, Elders, Church.

Team Roles and Responsibilities

1) Serves two months a year.
2) Members are stationed in the foyer on each side and at the side door near the Children’s Wing.
3) Members identify guests and approach them by introducing themselves and starting a conversation.
4) Members will give guests a gift bag and collect guests’ contact information.
5) Members contact guests the following week by phone, email, or note by mail to be sure they have a contact if there are any questions. lf necessary, member can refer questions to the appropriate staff.
6) Make copies of cards for church administrative assistant to enter into church database.

Responsibilities of the Chairperson

1) Works with members to make a schedule for the year.
2) Each week, team leader reports to church administrative assistant regarding contacts received, contacts followed-up with and results gathered (collective report). Church Administrative Assistant will then send that report to appropriate team leaders (and include staff, Sunday School leaders, small group leaders, Elder Chairman) so those leaders can contact guests immediately.
3) Supplies members with the Schedule, a list of Team Members with contact information, and an updated list of procedures.
4) Reminds members by email prior to their scheduled month assignment.
5) Order supplies for gift bags as needed.
6) Prepares generic welcome notes for each gift bag.
7) Prepares gift bags for distribution each week as needed.
8) Work with the Finance/Stewardship Team for budget recommendation.