Results Expected

Provide support for social functions for church (i.e. picnic, funeral meals for church member families), Provide support for socials, following special services, and help support meals for church functions.
Accountable to: Senior Pastor, Elders, Church.

Team Roles and Responsibilities

1) For special events (i.e. funerals, etc.), special order additional food not provided and arrange for pickup.
2) Puts food out and cleans up after meals and events.
3) Faithfully in attendance and involvement in ministries.
4) Organize pantry.

Responsibilities of the Chairperson

1) Shop for the food.
2) Schedule a team to help each event and each week.
3) Works with facility manager on setup and cleanup.
4) Responsible for kitchen use.
5) Prepares budget recommendations, in consultation with the Treasurer.
6) Submits receipts to Treasurer.