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Results Expected

To share the love of Jesus Christ through teamwork, fitness, athletic fundamentals and the life-changing message of the Gospel

Accountable to: Senior Pastor, Sports Outreach Pastor, Elders, Church

Team Roles and Responsibilities

1) Facilitate the planning of sports activity outreach throughout the church year.
2) Meets as needed to discuss and evaluate sports activity outreach direction and needs.
3) Leads by example through volunteering in some capacity within the overall ministry.
4) Each team member has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and is an active member of Good Hope Baptist Church.
5) Each member commits to serve for one-year and can re-commit for additional periods without a required sabbatical period.
6) Accesses needs for new sports equipment and provides input on proposed equipment purchases or improvements.
7) Leads by example by engaging with players, parents, and others for the purposes of improving sports fundamentals, spiritual growth, nurturing relationships and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.
8) Meets as needed for the purpose of training coaches and volunteers.
9) Prayerfully consider others within the church who could effectively fill a sports ministry role. Conduct active recruitment under the direction of the Sports Outreach Pastor.
10) Prepare and implements a devotions and prayer time (for each sports outreach activity) for the purpose of sharing the gospel message of Jesus Christ with all participants.
11) Actively seeks to connect those who attend sports outreach activities to the church and ultimately the gospel of Jesus Christ.
12) Actively advertises and promotes the sports outreach ministry to the community at large for the purpose of outreach.

Responsibilities of the Sports Outreach Pastor (paid staff)

1) A personal relationship with Jesus Christ and a member of Good Hope Baptist Church.
2) The Sports Outreach Pastor coordinates scheduling sports outreach events with the church administrative assistant and other staff as appropriate.
3) The Sports Outreach Pastor (or assigned proxy from the team) will actively work with the communication team to promote and advertise sports outreach activities.
4) Prepares an agenda and leads team meetings.
5) The Sports Outreach Pastor assesses, mentors and communicates with current and potential volunteer prospects.
6) Evaluates financial needs and submits budget recommendations to the Finance Team.