Looking for a way to impact the lives of young people and help them grow in their faith? Look no further than our Student Ministry, where you can join a team of dedicated volunteers who create a welcoming and accepting environment for all students. As a volunteer, you'll have the opportunity to assist in the spiritual growth of our students by deepening their understanding of scripture, fostering relationships through prayer and accountability, and guiding them in their discipleship journey. You'l also have the chance to provide opportunities for outreach and missions, sharing the joy and hope of Christ with others in our church, community, and beyond. Join us and help move students from bystanders to active participants in Reclaim Student Ministry and Good Hope Baptist Church. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of our
youth and our community.

Results Expected

1) Create an environment where students are loved, affirmed, and accepted. They will feel a part of something beyond themselves. Their spiritual growth will be encouraged and supported by a core group of adult volunteers
2) Assist in the development of a personal walk with Christ through a deeper analysis of the scriptures, in building relationships through prayer, sharing, and accountability, and through discipleship which focuses on how to be active in their walk with God.
3) Provide opportunities for outreach and missions to include those in the church, in the community, and in the world to share in the joy and hope of Christ.
4) Moving students from bystanders to active participants in Reclaim Student Ministry and Good Hope Baptist Church

Accountable to: Senior Pastor, Student Pastor, Elders, Church


1) Helps facilitate the planning of events, mission opportunities, and other key moments for student ministry throughout the calendar year.
2) Meets at least quarterly to discuss and evaluate student ministry direction and needs
3) Volunteers in some capacity within the overall student ministry.
4) Has a personal relationship with Christ and are members of Good Hope Baptist Church.
5) Serves a one-year cycle and can sign back up without a waiting period.
6) Fills in where appropriate when a volunteer is out.
7) Leads by example by maintaining devotional and prayer time, engaging with students for the purpose of spiritual growth and nurturing relationships.
8) As frequently as possible, be a part of student ministry functions. This carries an understanding of knowing family and work responsibilities may limit a volunteer.
9) Brainstorm others who could fill a volunteer role in the student ministry that display a natural desire for student ministry and has the appropriate skill set. The team will bring forth names for discussion. Final decisions on volunteers are at the sole discretion of the Student Pastor.

Responsibilities of the Student Ministry Leader (Student Pastor)

1) A personal relationship with Christ and a member of Good Hope Baptist Church.
2) The student pastor coordinates scheduling ministry with the church administrative assistant.
3) The student pastor or whom they assign from the team will work with the communication team to advertise events appropriately.
4) Prepares an agenda and leads team meetings.
5) The student pastor assesses and communicates with potential volunteer prospects. Those who are selected as volunteers are passed along to the nominating team.
6) Evaluates financial needs and submits budget recommendations to the Finance Team.