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Results Expected

Worship services and other on-campus gatherings will be faithfully and excellently supported by worship-enhancing audio visual aids through media and technology in an effort to share the Gospel message through Good Hope both on campus as well as on-line.

Accountable to: Senior Pastor, Elders, Personnel Team, Church.

Team Roles and Responsibilities

1) Operates ProPresenter (slides), videos, background music for worship services and potentially other on-campus events (ex. funerals, weddings, Bible studies, Sunday School, etc) typically on a rotational basis.
2) Mixes sound for worship services.
3) ProPresenter and sound techs serve during mid-week practices/choir practices to prep for Sunday services.
4) Provides live stream broadcasts (audio and video) for online services as needed.
5) Produces and edits videos as needed (typically Team leader – DMC)
6) Manages updates on all digital media platforms (typically Team leader- DMC)
7) Maintains all AV equipment (typically Team leader – DMC )

Team is led by the communications director (DMC), a paid staff person.

Responsibilities of the Chairperson (paid staff member)

1) Oversee all team members.
2) Trains all AV volunteers, continually seeking out and bringing in new volunteers.
3) Maintains organized, clean sound booth.
4) Makes sure all roles are covered for specific services.
5) Ultimately responsible for prepping platform/sound booth/computer for practices and services (i.e. prepping mics, instrument hook-ups, batteries, cameras, etc)
6) Continually pursues innovative, better audio-video alternatives.
7) Leads by example.
8) Prepares budget recommendations, in consultation with the appropriate staff, and submit to the Finance Committee.